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Essential Man Recipe Sheet (Pack of 10)


Replacement Recipe Sheets for your Essential Man Kit! When you run out of sheets, just buy these and replenish so you can keep sharing your favorite recipes. 

What Recipes are Included?

Labels come from our special collection of labels and include the following: 

  • Poo Punisher: Spray Bottle
  • Energizer Blend: Roller Bottle
  • Fresh Breath: Spray Bottle (also can be used for the dog!)
  • After Shave: Roller Bottle
  • Bye Bye Bugs: Spray Bottle (can be used for dogs!)
  • Hand Sanitizer: Spray Bottle
  • Beard Oil Blend: Dropper Bottle/Roller Bottle
  • Stain Stick: Roller Bottle
  • Too Much Sun: Spray Bottle