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Everyday Essentials Guidebook


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The intention of this book is to guide you through using essential oils in your life. In an effort to keep it as concise as possible, this book will not go into a lot of science about essential oils, as there are many other resources that are available for that type of information.

The focus of this book is to be your go-to usage guidebook on how to use essential oils safely and effectively. To that end, you will find more information here on specific protocols for ailments as well as protocols for supporting specific body systems.
You will find safety information conveniently located by specific essential oils and blends. You will also find substitution recommendations for each oil in case you want to make a recipe or use a protocol but don’t currently have every oil that is listed.

The next sections are for new users and will give you the basics to confidently and effectively use essential oils in your life. You will know how and why to use essential oils. Refer to these pages anytime you need to refresh your knowledge.

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  • Pages: 288
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