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Pampered with doTERRA Sampling Cards


Have you ever "Spoiled" someone with doTERRA? 

Now you can Pamper them!

Some customers preferred to Pamper their friends instead of Spoil them so we created the Pampered with doTERRA Sampling Card

The Pampered with doTERRA Sharing Campaign is built on the premise of offering 6 different products for a person to use as they experience the doTERRA difference. Those products are:

doTERRA Balance, Lavender, Peppermint, Wild Orange, On Guard Toothpaste, and Deep Blue Rub. 

Now you have a card that explains how someone can use their samples when they receive them throughout the day. 

Made from a foldable, double sided business card, the Pampered with doTERRA sampling card will explain how your friend or contact can pamper themselves in the morning, afternoon and evening using their doTERRA samples! It's perfect! 

Each pack comes with 20 Sampling Cards.

Remember, Deep Blue Rub samples and On Guard Toothpaste Samples can be secured directly from doTERRA.